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Production Process
A complete chain of high skilled technical experts working on up to date technology of machinery, using high grades of raw materials companied together in one place.

Repair and Replace change
Our customer satisfaction is our goal, accordingly we can repair your instruments and also we replace them if necessary with new ones.

Instruction for Use
In this text we provide you with complete information about testing, using and care of instruments.

Risk Management
Lifecaresi Surgical Risk analysis specifies a procedure to investigate using available information, the safety of a medical device including in vitro diagnostics or accessories, by identifying hazards and estimating the risks associated with the device. 
This procedure does not stipulate levels of acceptability but covers all practical results for reducing the risks after implementation.

Quality Control
For manufacturing of surgical and dental instruments, LIFECARE first chooses the correct stainless steel grade for required instruments. LIFECARE takes the help of ASTM & DIN standards, DIN book, and ISO's standard manual and other suitable literature for the manufacturing of surgical instruments.
The quality control procedure includes testing of hardness, corrosion resistance, elastesisty...

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Chairman Word
To our country, to the entire world and to the future, we founded lifeCare Surgical. Starting from where others ended, adding the value of 20 years experience in the field of instrumentation. Offering products with the best quality that appreciate health care and doctors needs.