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Standard Finish:

Our standard finish made of high quality stainless steel.

Instruments with their real original stainless steel image supported by a satin/dull finish with minimal light reflection. Those instruments are the standard used by all surgeons everywhere. You can easily find different verities and different specialties available on our stock.

Standard Finish

Mirror Finish: 


Standard finish made of high quality stainless steel provided in a shiny mirror finish. Those instruments are made upon customer request to have this unique image and shine of silver. It gives the instrument a shape of dignity that suits the grave of doctors and surgeons.


Mirror Finish    

Black Finish:

Instruments made of high quality stainless steel with a new black color. The Black Finish Instruments are now used in most surgeries. Using the standard quality instruments with special treatment the instruments will take the black color. Black instruments are recommended for use in Micro Surgeries, under microscopes, as well as in large operation fields using large instruments such as big retractor. The black color finish is very effective in preventing light reflection during surgeries and making them covenant for surgeons, especially when working for long time. Surgeons, who have used such instruments, expressed their feeling with comfort and relaxation after surgeries in comparison when using the standard instruments. It is important to insure the stability of the black color with frequent use of autoclaves and sterilization process.


Black Finish

Extra Finish:



Our standards Instruments with a special extra unique finish.

In this way we can satisfy our customer who would like to make special marks or images on their own instruments. Upon special request we can make one instrument with two types of finishing. In this way, one part of the instrument will be in mirror finish and the other part will be in satin, black, or gold finish.


Extra Finish                


A big variety of hollow wares. Hollow wares, sterilization boxes, trays, kidney dishes and bowels with different verities in sizes and shapes. All made of high quality stainless steel.

Electro Surgical:

Different types of electro surgery isolated instruments.

Are available including standard electro surgery instruments as well as special electro surgery instruments according to your request and experience.

Other Products:

Titanium and Aluminum Instruments are available on request.


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